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Data Confidentiality by Using RSA Algorithm for Encryption and Decrytion of Data in Multi-tenant Cloud Computing Environment


Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing internet based technology that facilitates users to utilize services by making use of large poll of resources without installation of any software. Adoption of this technology is increasing rapidly because of many advantages including reduction of cost and IT load. Despite the popularity of cloud computing, it faces many difficulties such as security that is one of the major inhibitors in the growth of cloud computing. Data confidentiality is at the top of the list of security concern for this technology. In this paper, we focus on database security of multi-tenancy model using by different organizations. From a security point of view separate database to each tenant is fine, but it is not cost effective, so single database is used by all tenants of the same physical machine. Sharing of database leads to illicit access of tenant’s data by another tenant which is a severe violation of security. So to tackle this dilemma we use the cryptography RSA algorithm. In this algorithm we use two keys, public and private for encryption and decryption. This algorithm is occurring on CSP (cloud security provider). After concluding this study we provide more cost effective and secure database sharing among the tenants


Lahar Singh Nishad ,Sarvesh Kumar,Ankita Pareek , Nishu Sharma , Sumitra Beniwal , Poornima Kasana

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Volume :2 , Issue :4

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