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Visualization Of 3-D Biomedical Imaging


n the world of regular emerging technologies, medical imaging is grown. The diagnosis of a health problem is only dependent on the quality and creditability of the image analysis and preprocessing on image. It is important to process and analyze a significant volume of images so that high quality information can be produced to clinician for disease diagnoses and treatment. For this purpose 3-D medical imaging is used. Medical imaging refers to the process of creating images of human body for various clinical purposes such as medical procedures and treatment of disease. For 3-D medical imaging several techniques have been developed to enable CT, MRI and Sonography scan produced 2D static output film and then to convert it into 3D images. The basic task in 3D image processing is mainly classified into three parts: image registration and skew detection (preprocessing step in object identification and object classification), image visualization, image segmentation and image recognition. 3-D medical imaging enhances the quality of image. This paper gives just a brief introduction about 3-D medical images. This paper is tutorial review of 3-D medical image processing.


Manish Jain

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Volume :1 , Issue :1

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