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Ethical Hacking: Better Way to Increase Security


In today‟s era everyone is addicted to technology it‟s almost impossible to live without the technology. We cannot reside without internet it is now a part of our life .Unfortunately the technology is created by human brain so, we can also take advantage by fooling the human brain .As we all are connected to internet where all personal information related to, us or any organization are available so it is very difficult to secure i.e. if anyone want to attack(hack)on the server of ministry of information and technology( MoIT) he /she use the server of south Africa ,Malaysia where we don‟t have any cyber law to attack on the server of MoIT of India. So the only way to stay secure is to learn hacking yourself .Hacking is the art of finding solution real life problems. A ethical hacker is someone who exploit the vulnerability in system with permission of owner. This paper will provide you the idea about hacking, ethical hacking, its type, advantages and disadvantages, hacking tools, phases


Ethical hacking, vulnerability,cracker,white hat, grey hat


Nituja Kumari, Radhika kumari, Anuradha

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Volume :4 , Issue :1

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