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Features and Resolution of SAAS Model in Cloud Computing


The cloud computing is an internet-depended terminology in software computing. It provides a connection between the system and customers’ need. It also provides the customer a way to share the scattered possessions and facilities that belongs to the various organizations. The cloud computing is one of the places in IT facilities that provides user a least basis over the network. As per requirement, it allows the customer to extent their services up or down. Through the Cloud Computing, the customer gets access to the services by a negotiator provider who had own the transportation. The precautions are the big issues which obstructs the cloud intensification. In the present study, we are presenting the characteristics of Cloud Computing in SAAS model and also the protection issues and resolution of Cloud Computing. This study also gives a detailed explanation of what are the fundamental safety features and resolutions in SAAS model along with their solution on that features. Furthermore the Cloud Computing service for delivery model, and the SAAS model along with the safety solution, and it including both the traditional and the Cloud specific safety challenges, associated with the model had been presented. A number of new resolutions that are inherently connected to the new the Cloud paradigm.


Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Benefits, Challenges, Safety Features, Resolution, and Future Work.


Shubham Mishra, Dhirendra Pandey

Volume & Issue

Volume :4 , Issue :2

Date of publication


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