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Comparative Study between Three Generations of Car


he world is striving for petrol and diesel. As we all know but don’t care about the fact that the use of non renewable resources beyond limitation is creating a lot of issues. One such issue is Global Warming which is caused by increasing green house effect. The effect increase due to higher combustion of carbon dioxide. The main reason of this is vehicles. Vehicles that burn out petrol and diesel that causes a bad effect on environment. Solar energy has always been an alternative. Vehicles are the daily need of human beings so let’s change it. Use a solar car instead. In this paper we see how things have changed. In this paper we illustrate the difference between the solar cars in the beginning, the middle and nowadays.


Kumari Joti, Manisha Dadhich , Bhaskar Sharma , Saheen

Volume & Issue

Volume :2 , Issue :4

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