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Network Analysis and Remote Monitoring control System Software based on Client-Server Architecture


This paper outlines a comprehensive model to increase system efficiency, preserve network bandwidth, monitor incoming and outgoing packets, ensure the security of confidential files and reduce power wastage in an organization. This model illustrates the use and potential application of a Network Analysis Tool (NAT) in a multi-computer set-up of any scale. The model is designed to run in the background and not hamper any currently executing applications, while using minimum system resources. It was developed as open source software, using VB.Net, with a view to overcoming limitations of legacy systems and financial restrictions in smallto mid-level organizations like businesses and educational institutes. It is fully-customizable and serves as a simple and open-source alternative to existing software. The NAT relies on simple clientserver architecture and uses remote access to monitor and maintain the computers on a network, for example logging off a user or shutting down a computer after a certain "idle" time, enabling and disabling applications, troubleshooting and so on. The NAT was tested in a laboratory and resultant data is presented, along with the results of a survey that was conducted among users.


Computer networking, network analysis, packet inspection, remote access, client-server, Visual Basic .Net


Mr.Sanjay Tiwari, Rajendra singh

Volume & Issue

Volume :4 , Issue :2

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